Katy Bullard

Katy Bullard is an education consultant specialising in refugee education and teacher policy. She has worked with the World Bank, Global Partnership for Education, Brookings Institution, Theirworld, and others on teacher policy and refugee education. She has taught in Bangladesh and South Africa, managed education programming for an NGO in Sierra Leone, and conducted field research in Burkina Faso, Greece, and Kenya.

Written by Katy Bullard

  1. Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 17 December 2022

    Refugee Education: Key Tensions and Opportunities

    Maysa Jalbout, Katy Bullard

    Refugee education is more critical than ever. Centering refugee voices and resolving key tensions in policy and programming will be critical for ensuring that all refugee students and teachers receive the support they need. Teachers’ unions can play an important role in these processes, connecting refugee teachers to valuable services,...

    Refugee Education: Key Tensions and Opportunities