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Russia: International Conference on Trade Unions and the Bologna Process

published 4 December 2006 updated 4 December 2006

More than one hundred university staff and students gathered in Moscow, Russia from 29-30 November for an international conference on the Bologna Process organised by EI member organisations the Education and Science Employee's Union of Russia (ESEUR) of Russia and the Syndicat des Travailleurs de l'Education et de la Science d'Ukraine (STESU) of Ukraine.

Co-hosted by ESEUR's Moscow branch and STESU's Donestr branch, the "International Conference on Trade Unions and the Bologna Process" was attended by representatives from host countries, as well as Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia and Sweden.

During the conference, EI Senior Co-ordinator in charge of Higher Education issues and the Bologna Follow-up Process, Monique Fouilhoux presented recent developments in relation to the implementation of the Bologna process.

Over the two days, participants exchanged views on the state of the implementation of the Bologna Process, especially with regard to the level of involvement of staff and student unions, and the potential consequences on the working conditions, wages and career developments of staff at both national and institutional levels.

The Conference adopted a resolution calling on EI, in particular, to increase its level of information sharing, advocacy and capacity-building activities, through publications, training seminars and conferences.