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Teachers and students join to promote student-centered learning

published 7 July 2010 updated 7 July 2010

As part of its ongoing project with the European Students’ Union (ESU), EI organised a training seminar on student-centered learning (SCL) recently from 1-4 July in Sliema, Malta.

More than 20 higher education personnel from EI member organisations in the European region and students representatives from ESU member organisations participated in the event.

In the interactive sessions conducted by EI and ESU trainers, Koen Geven and Nik Hereens, the participants discussed the various concepts of SCL and the different obstacles to its achievement. Practical case studies were used to deepen the participants’ insight into the implementation of SCL on the field and how institutional conditions are prerequisites for the concept to be successful.

The main aim of the training session was to empower the participants, down the road from theory to practice, for further dissemination of their acquired knowledge on SCL to their colleagues and peers. As the positive evaluations of the training have shown, the participants have widened their scope of arguments for SCL and are ready to continue their support in common EI-ESU effort to promote SCL.

For more information about EI-ESU’s project “Time for Student-Centered Learning”(T4SCL), please visit the project website: www.t4scl.eu