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Bosnia and Herzegovina: trade unions speed up towards Quality Education, key for progress of the Bosnian society halting social unrest

published 5 March 2014 updated 10 March 2014

The Bosnian higher education and science trade union, HESUEBH, is struggling to raise public awareness on the need of all to access quality and free public education, as a fundamental determinant for every citizen.

Harsh austerity measures imposed by the government, in conjunction with the persistent problems since the country’s civil war of 1992-1995, have also been the cause of recent social and political unrest. In this respect, the HESUBH is deeply convinced that education can make the difference in society.

The cross-cutting demand for a free public quality education is crucial throughout all the national planned activities envisaged to implement the 10 key messages adopted by the ETUCE Committee on ‘What is Needed to Improve the Quality of Education in Europe?’. The implementation of the activities has the essential aim of enhancing the level of science and knowledge, as the basis to achieve greater well-being for the entire Bosnian society.