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Education stories hit the big screen in America’s capital

published 12 March 2015 updated 30 March 2015

This week in Washington D.C. the classroom enters the cinema to present education in ways not commonly seen, helping to provoke new ideas, debate, and the chance to reveal how film can unlock potential.

In its inaugural year the annual Conference of Comparative and International Education Society, or CIES, the Cinematic Spaces in Education Film Festivalette features a hand-picked selection of films that powerfully bring local education issues and reality to the silver screen.

These films and the genres they reflect demonstrate the significant potential that exists in film for comparative education scholars.

Panel discussions by scholars, activists, and film directors are aimed at exploring the vast potential of education in film to influence personal opinion, policy, and public debate about education.

Click here to learn more about the festival, which runs until 13 March, including trailers for the films.