Denmark: Union campaign against continuing cuts in education

published 17 May 2017 updated 18 May 2017

The Gymnasieskolernes Laererforening strongly condemns and is mobilising against the financial cuts imposed on the public education sector.

Danish education union Gymnasieskolernes Laererforening(GL) strongly opposes the government’s plan to drain or, at the very least, stop resourcing the country’s public sector even though the economy is growing again. The Danish government plans to cut its education budget by two per cent each year over the next four years, with cuts having started in 2016.

Last year, these reductions resulted in major layoffs, with teacher numbers down 1,000 out of a total of 14,000. School leaders are planning the coming school year, with further layoffs and reductions in teacher numbers likely.


In April, the GL started its campaign of opposition to these measures, with additional campaigns planned for September and October. These will be timed just before the start of Parliament negotiations for the coming fiscal year in November, and will aim to prevent the annual two per cent education budget reduction.

The union believes there is no excuse for the government to cut public services and education further, as GL members have been loyal and taken economic responsibility during the last two periods of collective agreements, i.e. since 2011.

The GL meets regularly with Parliament and education ministry representatives, especially with regards to a new education reform to be implemented from August.