Portrait of a teacher: Adole Kelemente, primary school teacher in Kelle Primary School

published 11 June 2017 updated 11 June 2017

“We have always visited the homes of the pupils who drop out of our classes, it’s part of our work."

"But the project has boosted our confidence. I have improved my communication skills, I have developed better arguments to discuss with parents who are not sending their children to school. The momentum towards education sparked in the community by the project also helps when dealing with the parents: they feel a pressure from the whole community.

In March 2016, Steven Ocakacon, a 13-year-old pupil, dropped out of my class because his parents required him to work. A local councillor visited his parents to insist on the importance of his return to school; but they [the parents] didn’t change their minds. I went to their home, and after some discussion, they committed to sending their son back to school. Steven came back to school two weeks later. I thanked him, and the pupils welcomed him, one by one, to boost his confidence.”