Iraq: teachers raise funds and support displaced and disadvantaged families

published 1 April 2020 updated 4 March 2022

The Iraqi Teachers’ Union has mobilised its members to support those most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures taken to contain it. The union is also running an information campaign to raise awareness of the crisis and the best ways to prevent infection.

At the beginning of the crisis, the Iraqi Teachers’ Union (ITU) advocated for countrywide school closures to protect students, teachers, school staff and whole communities. The union argued that Iraq’s healthcare infrastructure could not cope with a crisis of this magnitude. Since then, school closures have been implemented across the country, as part of the government’s strategy to stem the pandemic.

ITU is now focussing its work on preventing the spread of the disease and helping to minimise the effects of the outbreak on students and communities.

The Education International affiliate has launched an online campaign providing accurate information about the disease and the best ways in which students, teachers and the public can protect themselves from infection.

The union has also launched an action to raise funds and provide support for displaced and underprivileged families and those in remote communities. The campaign has already deployed teams of teacher unionists across several regions. They raise funds, purchase food items, package and distribute them to those in need.