Teach in Peace (@robwilsonwork, 2018)
Teach in Peace (@robwilsonwork, 2018)

Palestine and Israel: Education International condemns all acts of violence against children and civilians

published 11 May 2021 updated 27 May 2021

On behalf of teachers and education workers around the world, Education International condemns all acts of violence against children and civilians.

Education International, an organisation with Israeli and Palestinian members, calls on the international community and the United Nations to ask all the parties involved to respect a ceasefire and ensure the protection of all civilians.

EI will be supporting its member organisations in Israel and Palestine as they defend human and workers’ rights and promote dialogue involving civil society as the path to ensure progress and alleviate the suffering of people.

According to reports from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, recent violence and air strikes have resulted in the death of at least 26 people, including nine children. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent 520 people have been injured.

BBC reports that at least 212 people, including 61 children, have now died in Gaza, and 10, including two children, in Israel.

The UN Security Council is due to hold its fourth emergency meeting on the violence on 18 May.

Education International calls on the international community to respect the right of all children and adults to safe and secure learning and teaching environments where students can develop and learn and teachers work in freedom and security.

EI urgently calls for compliance of UN Security Council Resolution 1860 which calls for an immediate, lasting, and fully respected ceasefire.

Education International reiterates the statement of its 2019 World Congress which urges both Israelis and Palestinians to:

“Renounce violence and commit to engage in direct negotiations. EI recognizes that agreement on the status of Jerusalem is central to resolving the conflict, and underlines the urgent and imperative need for the international community to support, in every way possible, the realization of a peaceful and just solution”.

In a week of devastating attacks against school children, teachers, and civilians in Afghanistan and Russia and continued violence against schools communities in Nigeria, Education International demands that all actors respect the integrity of schools as safe and secure environments for learning and growth.


EI’s Declaration on Schools as Safe Sanctuaries contains seven articles, each articulating a call to action from the world community. They are:

  1. Reaffirm the commitment to the principle of the right to education in safety
  2. Take practical measures to ensure protection
  3. End impunity for attacks on students, teachers, academics, all other education personnel and education facilities
  4. Strengthen monitoring of attacks and efforts to end impunity
  5. Prioritise action and share expertise on resilience and recovery
  6. Make education an agent for peace
  7. Support campaigns of solidarity.