Dr. Carolina Junemann

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Dr. Carolina Junemann is currently an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Education. Her research interests are in education policy analysis, particularly in new forms and methods of global education policy and governance and education policy mobilities. She has published on these themes in academic journals and has contributed to major international collections. She is co-author with Stephen Ball of Networks, New Governance and Education (Policy Press, 2012) and with Stephen Ball and Diego Santori of Edu.Net: Globalisation and Education Policy Mobilities (Routledge, 2017).

Written by Dr. Carolina Junemann

  1. Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4

    Pearson and PALF: The mutating giant

    Dr. Carolina Junemann, Stephen Ball
    10 June 2015

    In their latest work, renowned researchers Carolina Junemann and Stephen J. Ball present a compelling read for anyone concerned about the right of every child to a free quality public education. They reveal that there is an ever-growing concern associated with the continual rise of the commercialisation and privatisation in...

    Pearson and PALF: The mutating giant
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