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    EI Asia Pacific Regional Women's Conference 2024

    8 July 2024
  2. Video

    El agua es vida: SNTE lidera esfuerzos en México para el uso sostenible del agua

    5 July 2024
  3. Video

    David Edwards | Accelerating progress towards SDG4: Stocktake of Transformative Actions in Education

    3 July 2024
  4. Video

    Palestine - Teachers Empowerment Initiative - Social-emotional support for teachers and students in the West Bank - GUPT and GUWKPS

    3 July 2024
  5. Video

    International Day of Education 2021: No recovery without education

    19 June 2024
  6. Video

    Campagne la "Force du public : ensemble on fait école" au Cameroun

    18 June 2024
  7. Video

    Baghdad - Go Public! workshop

    28 May 2024
  8. Higher education and research

    NTEU forum: Universities at a turning point

    22 May 2024

    National President of the NTEU Alison Barnes was joined by President of Education International and former Secretary of the Australian Education Union Susan Hopgood, as well as Professor Julian Garritzmann, a political scientist at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, and Terri MacDonald from NTEU’s Policy and Research Unit. Topics on...

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    2024 World ESP Day EI message EN

    8 May 2024
  10. Higher education and research

    Behind the platforms: Safeguarding intellectual property rights and academic freedom in higher education

    8 May 2024

    On May 6 Education International hosted the launch of the study Behind the platforms: Safeguarding intellectual property rights and academic freedom in higher education. The study focuses on potential threats to intellectual property ownership and academic freedom for higher education teachers and researchers caused by the use of edtech platforms.

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    Towards a pedagogy of hope for people and planet

    29 April 2024
  12. Video

    Ukraine - Education under Fire: Two Years of Struggle for Freedom

    25 March 2024
  13. Video

    I-BEST results 2023

    21 March 2024
  14. Video

    Susan Hopgood, Présidente de l'IE, au Congrès du SNES-FSU

    20 March 2024
  15. Video

    GUPT training project

    18 March 2024
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    UN Chief Presents High-Level Panel Report on Teaching Profession

    28 February 2024
  17. Video

    Teachers supporting the students of Palestine

    5 February 2024
  18. Video

    WIPO meeting | March 2023

    30 October 2023