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France: Demonstrations planned from 30 January

published 13 January 2006 updated 6 June 2018

EI affiliates in France will be joined by the national students’ union UNEF between January 30 and February 4 in protesting against the government’s lack of investment in education.

The highlight of the week of actions will be 1 st February when mass demonstrations and rallies will be organised. "The action of the French government for education is marked by renouncement and retreat", said Patrick Gonthier, G eneral Secr etary of the UNSA-Education, and vice-president of EI. The thousands of positions lost at secondary education level are aggravating education conditions. The complete absence of new administrative posts, welfare officers and doctors exacerbates the situation in schools. It is the pupils who will ultimately suffer the consequences. The creation of primary level positions remains lower than necessary for adequate schooling.