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Senegal: teachers halt protest actions despite continuing deadlock in negotiations

published 30 August 2006 updated 30 August 2006

The "Intersyndicale de l'enseignement du Sénégal" (Education Union Alliance of Senegal) has ceased its boycott of staff meetings and returned withheld examination papers as a sign of goodwill despite a continuing deadlock in their negotiations with the government.

The alliance – which represents four EI member organisations – has been demanding a rise in teachers' allowances, especially for housing, as well as training for contractual and freelance teachers since January.

However, the government has ignored these requests and instead offered substantial increase in allowances for personnel in the military, customs office and police force.

Teachers protested by retaining examination papers as well as holding a boycott of staff meetings.

On 21 August, the alliance decided to halt their protest actions even though the government has refused to return to the negotiation table.

The decision was taken in goodwill by the teachers who do not want to jeopardise the education of their pupils. However, the alliance made it clear that they are determined to get their requests granted and continue to seek a solution. The four EI member organisations, the SNEEL-CNTS, SUDES, SYPROS and UDEN, thank all partners, mediators, pupils and their parents, the public as well as EI for their support. EI sent two protest letters to President Wade in support of the teachers, while Chief Regional Coordinator for Africa, Assibi Napoe, made several trips to the country in the last six months to offer EI's assistance and support.