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EI lends support to teachers' struggle in Honduras

published 31 October 2006 updated 31 October 2006

EI is glad that the struggles of teachers in Honduras since August are finally producing positive results. In the recent negotiations with the government, the teachers have managed to obtain the latter's agreement to implement most of the 17 points listed in the Statute on Teaching Personnel.

Furthermore, the government will also put in place financial benefits for qualified teachers who accept transfers to rural and disadvantaged areas.

It has not been easy for Honduran teachers to obtain such results.

Earlier, on 1 August, 70,000 teachers from every department of Honduras gathered in the capital Tegucigalpa to demand the full implementation of the Statute on Teaching Personnel passed in 1996.

The implementation of the statute would include a raise of their hourly wages by an average of 24 lempiras per hour, owed to the teachers since 1997.

However, demonstrating teachers were physically assaulted by security forces and 28 were severely injured. President Manuel Zelaya, who claimed that the teachers' claims were justified, said he did not agree with their methods.

EI has 3 member organisations in Honduras: the Colegio Profesional “Superación Magisterial” Hondureño (COLPROSUMAH), the Colegio de Profesores de Educación Media de Honduras (COPEMH), and the Colegio Profesional “Unión Magisterial” (COPRUMH).

From 9-13 October, EI organised a seminar for the implementation of its EFAIDS (Education For All and HIV/AIDS Prevention) Programme in the country. The response from the three teacher unions was overwhelming, and as a result, a management committee of the programme has already been set up.

For more information, please visit the website of our EFAIDS Programme: www.ei-ie.org/efaids/