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Angola: teachers begin nation-wide strike on 22 Feb

published 20 February 2007 updated 20 February 2007

Angolan teachers will go on a national strike on 22 Feb to demand changes to their official status and timely payment of salary. Participants in the General Assembly of Teachers held on 16 Feb voted to go ahead with the strike despite continuous threats and harassment by the government.

The intimidation by the authorities went so far as to cause physical injuries to the President of the Sindicato Nacional de Professores (SINPROF), Miguel Joao Manuel Filho. On 19 Feb, Mr Filho sustained minor injuries due to the threats by the government and had to be sent to a hospital for outpatient treatment. EI deplores the use of violence by the Angolan authorities, as stated in its letter of support to SINPROF. The Global Union representing education workers worldwide is also investigating ways to convince the Angolan authorities to reduce the pressure on the SINPROF leadership and teachers.