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Zimbabwe: teacher union ZIMTA calls off the strike after securing wage increase

published 23 February 2007 updated 23 February 2007

The strike called by all public servants in Zimbabwe, including the 55,000 teachers represented by EI affiliate the Zimbabwe Teachers' Association (ZIMTA), prompted the government to increase the wages of all government employees.

As from 1 Mar 2007, the lowest-paid teacher will receive Z$528,000 per month (about 70 euros at real market rate).

In Zimbabwe, the unions are forced to renegotiate constantly due to the hyperinflation. In 2006, ZIMTA signed a collective agreement on levels of remuneration to be paid in the first quarter of 2007. Because of the hyperinflation, the 300% increase of the basic salary, 145% increase of the transport allowance and 100% increase of the housing allowance were totally eroded by the 400% rise of the inflation rate.