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On International Women’s Day, EI Latin America launches the Gender Equity Project

published 8 March 2007 updated 8 March 2007

On International Women’s Day and within the framework of the 6th EI Latin American Regional Conference, 32 education sector unions from 18 countries in the region are launching the “Equity with Gender Perspective” project.

There are few issues that Latin American education workers need to discuss as urgently as gender equity.

Over 70% of teachers in Latin America are women, but on average women hold no more than 30% of leadership positions in the unions. In light of this, the project aims to promote policies that will foster the integration of women in the structure of the unions; essential not only for strengthening the organisations but also for making them more democratic.

EI invites teachers and education employees from LA to participate actively in the Network of Latin American Women Education Workers; a tool that will enable unions to achieve a key objective and to promote democratic organisations with the full and active participation of women.

For more information, please visit www.ei-ie.org/latinamerica