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EI Europe launches its electronic Pan-European Women’s Network

published 9 March 2007 updated 9 March 2007

On International Women’s Day, 8 March, Equality Officers from 138 EI member organisations in 44 European countries received an invitation to take part in EI's electronic Pan-European Women’s Network (PEWN).

The network will be used to share information about successful campaigns or projects, concerns and, above all, to challenge social injustice and inequality that impacts women and prevents them from taking their rightful place in society. The Network is a forum for debating and proposing joint action.

As a first activity of the network, participants are invited to take part in an on-line discussion on the condition of women teachers and education personnel in Europe.

During the first week (from 8-16 March), the discussion will focus on equality in the teacher unions. Participants are invited to share information on policies, programmes, activities, "glass ceilings", best practices and successful experiences to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women.

The second week of discussion will focus on 'Equality in the profession': Working conditions, pension reforms, promotion procedures and practices, pay equity, implementation of maternity/parental leave, changes in curricula, gender and diversity at school level.