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Iran: Teachers determined to continue strike actions despite threats

published 12 April 2007 updated 12 April 2007

Teachers in Iran are determined to proceed with their strike actions, despite threats by the authorities.

During a demonstration on 14 March for better pay and working conditions, over 300 teachers were arrested. Nevertheless, they are determined to mount more strike actions to protest against the low wages, non-payment of salary arrears as well as beatings and arrests of teachers.

Strikes have been called for the 15, 16 and 29 April.

On 2 May, a major demonstration will be held in front of the Ministry of Education in Tehran while similar gatherings will take place in front of local Education Departments in all the provinces.

After the dates of the industrial actions were announced, headmasters of all schools were promptly ordered by the Ministry of Education not to grant any leave on those dates. Under threat of being penalised, they have been instructed to submit a list of staff members participating in the strikes.

During a partial strike which took place on 4 April, security forces were seen patrolling inside the schools.

The ILO Workers' Group and EI met the Iranian delegation to the ILO Governing Body in Geneva on 21 March to talk about Iran's violation of the teachers' rights. At its recent meeting, the EI Executive Board adopted a motion supporting Iranian teachers and their unions in their struggle to achieve decent pay and working conditions through negotiations and dialogue with their government.

EI has no member organisation in Iran but is in contact with the Iranian Co-ordinated Council of Cultural Workers Association which includes over 30 teacher associations in the country.