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EI joins global action to stop Violence Against Women

published 25 November 2007 updated 25 November 2007

EI and the other Global Unions are participating in a global initiative to stop violence against women, running from 25 November (UN Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women) until UN Human Rights Day on 10 December.

The initiative is based on the 1993 Declaration on this issue adopted by the UN. The global trade union bodies have issued a statement, which highlights the extent of violence against women in the workplace and the impact of domestic violence and forced labour on women workers. "Violence, physical intimidation and harassment of women workers is a systematic problem in many workplaces around the world, and too many governments and employers ignore the problem," said International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) General Secretary Guy Ryder.

"Respect for the fundamental trade union rights of women workers and protection from discrimination are central to dealing effectively with this problem. Nothing less than a zero tolerance approach to this will do," he added. The trade union statement also highlights the terrible abuse faced by many women domestic workers, and the denial of basic rights to women working in export processing zones around the world which leaves them especially vulnerable to violence. The unions also point to the appalling situation of millions of women forced into the sex trade around the world, emphasising that more than 7 billion dollars are made each year by those who profit from sex slavery.