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Pan-European Survey on the impact of pension reforms on gender: Phase I

published 3 December 2007 updated 3 December 2007

The EI Pan-European Structure is conducting a Pan-European Survey on the impact of pension reforms on gender. The survey will be conducted in two phases, Phase I in Dec 2007 and Phase II in early 2008.

The question of pension reforms and their impact on gender equality and specifically on women is increasingly a topic of discussion in education unions. Various reforms are ongoing in several European countries. Central and Eastern European countries have in recent years gone through a special transition period in which they sought different approaches. It would appear that unintended outcomes of pension reforms may impact women, especially in the short term, despite the goal or end result being greater gender equality.

The topic is a priority on the agenda of Pan-European Equality Committee. The last meeting held in Krakow April 2007, in following up to the presentations and discussion at the Round Table held in Budapest September 2006, called for a survey of member organisations on pension reform and impacts thereof.

The survey should help EI to get an overview about public sector pensions, and teacher pension schemes in particular, a rather specialised topic. It should provide information on the concrete impact of reforms, and give rise to possible common strategies for successful advocacy through social dialogue.

Please download the Phase I form, complete it and send it by fax or by email, before 21 Dec to:

Christina Drews Professional Assistant Human and Trade Union Rights and Equality Unit Fax: +32 2 224 0606 Email: christina.drews@ei-ie.org