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HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy Drawn up by Dominica Union

published 31 March 2009 updated 31 March 2009

The Dominica Association of Teachers launched their Policy on HIV/AIDS for the Teaching Profession in January 2009. The Workplace Policy developed from a process of consultation between the union executive, teachers and People Living with HIV and AIDS.

After gathering information and resources on HIV/AIDS and stigma and discrimination in the workplace the union executive worked with the above interest groups in compiling a Workplace Policy relevant to the context of HIV and AIDS in Dominica, and tailored to the needs of Dominican teachers.

The policy aims to promote a supportive work environment, to eliminate stigma and discrimination and ensure the rights of teachers living with HIV are fully respected, and to reduce the number of new infections. The burden of HIV and AIDS is central to the union activism, “DAT recognizes HIV/AIDS as a workplace issue because it threatens the productivity, profitability and the welfare of employees and their families”.

The policy continues, “HIV is preventable and the workplace needs to promote effective prevention efforts”. As well as practical information enabling members of the teaching profession to protect themselves, the Policy also sets out the rights and entitlements of teachers and students affected by HIV and AIDS.

Currently, DAT is publicising the Policy amongst all of their members so that all schools and teachers throughout Dominica will be aware of both their rights and their responsibilities in the response to HIV and AIDS.

According to government estimates in 2008 the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Dominica is 0.75%. The Dominican Ministry of Education reports that education on HIV and AIDS takes place in all schools throughout the island.

The full text of the DAT Policy can be read here. For further information about Workplace Policies on HIV and AIDS contact efaids@ei-ie.org.