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Teacher unions research impact of teacher shortages in Côte d’Ivoire

published 12 January 2010 updated 12 January 2010

In September 2008 representatives of IE-SCI, the alliance of Ivorian teacher unions working together on the EI EFAIDS Programme, met with the political and administrative authorities of Bondoukou and San Pedro to present the results of their research into the shortage of teachers and its impact on the education system in these two regions of Côte d’Ivoire.

Municipal leaders, the Regional Director for National Eduction, primary level school inspectors, parents’ groups and educational NGOs were also invited to participate in the meeting.

All those present committed to working to improve teachers’ working conditions in the two regions covered by the study. Guided by the recommendations of the study, improved implementation of the rules governing transfer of teachers was deemed a priority together with improving the living and working environment of teachers in rural areas, through the construction of classrooms and houses.

The Regional Director of Education pledged to work towards a more equal distribution of available teachers among districts. Meanwhile the Mayor of Bondoukou committed to establishing a regional commission to follow-up on the practical application of the report’s recommendations to be led by Regional Secretary of the primary teachers union, SNEPPCI.

L’IE-SCI will continue to closely monitor progress on these commitments and local union leaders will continue to lobby the regional authorities to make good their promises.

The IE-SCI comprises four EI member unions, SYNESCI, SNEPPCI, SYNARES and SYNADEPCI.