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Study warns of environmental impact from Canada-EU trade pact

published 28 October 2010 updated 28 October 2010

A report released the end of August cautions a comprehensive free trade deal between Canada and the European Union could lead to rising greenhouse gas emissions, privatization of water services, and disruptions to "First Nations" communities.

Prepared for the European Commission as part of a sustainability impact assessment of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) the study warns, “While development can bring jobs and increased revenues, it can also disrupt traditional cultures and affect population health through water, air and soil contamination.”

The report suggests that a trade deal could increase European investment in the Alberta oil sands despite ongoing concerns the environmental impact of further development.

"Where the CETA contributes to greater extraction and investment in the tar sands, it is likely that Canada’s emissions of greenhouse gases will increase," the report suggests.

The EC report says little about education services, but warns that some public services will be vulnerable.

“Canada-EU trade could allow deeper penetration of EU-based water utilities in Canada,” the report states. "This could lead to changes in water management and water consumption. Public control and management of water resources is a sensitive issue in Canada.”