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Videos online for EI’s first World Women’s Conference

published 18 November 2010 updated 18 November 2010

Videoclips are now online to promote EI’s first World Women’s Conference, On the Move for Equality, which is being held from 20-23 January, 2011, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The conference will bring together leaders of EI affiliate members, as well as those responsible for equality and gender issues within education unions. The conference is envisaged to be a catalyst for informing, stimulating and moving forward in a significant way the collective means of achieving gender equality, particularly in and through unions, in education and society.

In preparation for the conference, representatives of EI member organisations were asked about their expectations. In a series of short videos, Trudy Kerperien (AOb, Netherlands), Odile Cordelier (SNES-FSU, France) and Sonia Fernandez Casal (STEs, Spain) explain why this event will be a milestone in the equality work of the global teachers’ movement.

In the coming days and weeks, further videos will be available on the World Women’s Conference webpage.

Click here to watch the videoclips!.

The On the Move for Equality conference is also on Facebook. Check out: the EI equality page Teachers on the Move for Equality, and RSVP the event to stay informed about news and updates on EI’s equality work.