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Education International

Teacher trade unions mobilise for quality education

published 4 June 2013 updated 14 June 2013

Communication officers from Education International affiliates in more than thirty countries are gathering in Brussels today to discuss a roadmap for the upcoming Mobilising for Quality Education Campaign.

The two-day meeting will look at successful strategies for mobilising in order to create awareness among governments, inter-governmental agencies and society generally that quality public education provision for all is one of the fundamental pillars of a just and equitable society, and that, moreover, undermining public education provision is detrimental to the interests of society.

Many EI member organisations are already engaged in activities designed to promote and defend the quality of the education services in their countries. Whether it is in campaigns for better salaries and conditions for teachers, better pension arrangements, more planning time, improved teacher training, continuous professional development, better curricular support or better school environments and facilities, affiliates are campaigning for better quality education, because all of these elements contribute to better quality education.

The next two days’ sessions and contributions will bring these experiences to the table and allow participants to take away inspiration and examples to transfer the Mobilising for Quality Education Campaign to national and regional realities.

The meeting’s agenda is available for download here.