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ETUCE Comittee Meeting

published 14 October 2013 updated 30 October 2013

The ETUCE Committee meeting has been held in Brussels on 23-24 October 2013. The yearly meeting of the Standing Committee for Equality has been held in conjunction with the ETUCE Committee meeting, on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 October 2013 and has elected the new Chair and Vice-chairs of the Standing Committee for Equality.

Kounka Damianova was re-elected Chair of the Committee. The elected Vice-chair is Rosella Benedetti from UIL Scuola/Italy.

Eleven union representatives put their names forward to become a member of the Equality Working Group, an advisory body to the ETUCE Standing Committee for Equality. This advisory body meets once or twice a year.

Participants also developed guidelines for the implementation of the 2011/2012 recommendations. These guidelines are intended for teachers and education staff in general, and cover the following themes: Women Teachers’ Economic Empowerment; Reconciliation of work and family life; and overcoming gender stereotypes in and through education. They were accepted by the ETUCE Committee, the ETUCE decision-making body, at its meeting on 23-24 October 2013.

Participants were also updated about the Second EI World Women’s Conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland, from 7-9 April 2014.

Pictures taken at the ETUCE Standing Committee for Equality are available here

In addition an ETUCE Special Meeting on “What is needed to improve the Quality of Education in Europe?”  has been held in Brussels in the morning of 23 October 2013. This special meeting was organised in the framework of the EI/ETUCE initiative on Mobilising for Quality Education, which seeks to promote the provision of high quality education for all as one of the fundamental pillars of a just and equitable society. Experts on quality education shared their knowledge and the participants had the opportunity to discuss measures, strategies and tools that are needed to improve the quality of education in Europe. Based on the participants’ input, a 10 point declaration has been issued to the ETUCE Committee.