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Australia: Quality education campaign launched

published 23 October 2013 updated 25 October 2013

The Independent Education Union of Australia (IEU), one of EI’s national affiliates, has launched its Quality Education campaign at the National Carillon in Canberra in support of the EI Unite for Quality Education initiative and World Teachers’ Day.

IEU members gathered on 4 October last to launch the campaign under the theme, “Quality Education; What we do; Who we are”. They are seekingto highlight the crucial role that teachers, and those who support teaching, play in the delivery of quality education.

Bells ring out for quality education

Along with the National Carillon, church bells in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane rang out on the day to celebrate the work of teachers.

The Swan Bells in Perth also participated in sending the celebration across the Indian Ocean as other education unions campaigned globally for World Teachers’ Day.

International union colleagues such as the President of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT)/UK, Mike Lyons, NASUWT Education Officer Jude Glover and the Secretary General of the Council of Pacific Education, Govind Singh, joined with IEU members in the celebrations.

IEU Quality Teaching Framework Policy

As part of the Quality Education Campaign, the IEU launched its Quality Teaching Framework Policy which outlines the fundamental elements of delivering quality education.

The IEU campaign will be conducted throughout 2014, and will also involve a coordinated approach to promoting best practice within Australia’s schools and publicly profiling the work of its members through a National Photography Awards scheme. In addition, the IEU will campaign at a national level for the appropriate resources to continue the delivery of quality education and campaign internationally with other education unions.

Updates on the campaign can be found here

EI: International efforts push post-2015 agenda

“We warmly welcome this initiative from Australian colleagues aiming at raising awareness in the broader public and in their government,” said EI General secretary Fred van Leeuwen. “Thanks to such initiatives from teacher unionists in Australia and worldwide linking local and national activities to the global umbrella of our Unite campaign, we will ensure that education stays well on top of the post-2015 development agenda.”

You can find more information about the EI Unite campaign on the dedicated hub here