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Tanzania: Workshop promotes quality public education in rural schools

published 19 December 2013 updated 21 January 2014

A book writers’ workshop was organised by EI’s affiliates in Tanzania in collaboration with the national Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT), in Dar es Salaam, from 2-11 September. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the Pan African Teachers’ Centre (PATC), under the umbrella of EI’s Unite for Quality Education (Unite) campaign.

Thirty-six participants from MoEVT and EI’s affiliates, the Tanzania Teachers’ Union (TTU) and the Zanzibar Teachers’ Union (ZATU), participated in the workshop.

The Australian Education Union, an EI affiliate, provided funding. TTU and ZATU met some local costs, and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, another EI member organisation, sponsored a tutor.

The first three days were dedicated to developing teachers’ writing skills, and the remaining days focused on developing individual participants’ responses to context-based challenges.

Participants later left with their book manuscripts and participation certificates, which were presented by the MoEVT representative and the TTU President, who officiated at the closing ceremony.

Promote literacy

“All stakeholders pledged full support for the professional development programme intended to promote literacy and quality public education in remote rural schools in disadvantaged communities,” said EI Chief Regional Coordinator Assibi Napoe. “We warmly welcome the fact that EI affiliates, in Africa and elsewhere, have engaged effectively in our one-year initiative to make sure it was a success.  They also contribute to the pressure on decision makers at international level to guarantee that free quality public education remains high on the global post-2015 development agenda.”

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