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Nigeria: Education union sponsors professional training

published 10 January 2014 updated 20 January 2014

EI’s national affiliate, the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), has sponsored 400 teachers to upgrade their professional skills.

The NUT branch in Borno has sponsored educators to undertake a distance learning programme, enabling them to meet national teaching requirements.

Training towards national certificate

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, NUT branch Chairman Alhaji Bulama Abiso explained that this sponsorship would enable teachers who hold grade two certificates to obtain the National Certificate of Education (NCE). This will enhance their teaching skills and help to provide quality education. The union has paid 800,000 Nigerian naira (€3,700) to the National Teachers’ Institute as part of the sponsorship package, he said.

“Teachers with grade two certificates were previously employed as teachers in primary schools, but now only those with NCE or a higher diploma in education are considered teachers,’’ Abiso said.

‘The union is also working to ensure better living and working conditions for its members, a move which will also contribute to enhancing the quality of education in the state,’ he added.

EI: Quality teachers, pillars of quality education

“We commend our Nigerian colleagues for their efforts to promote quality education in their country,” EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen said. “Quality educators, together with quality teaching and learning environments and tools, are the pillars of our one-year campaign, Unite for Quality Education, launched in October 2013.”