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Philippines: Union congress pushes quality education forward

published 16 June 2014 updated 20 June 2014

The Teachers’ Organisation of the Philippine Public Sector (TOPPS), focused on EI’s Unite for Quality Education Campaign during its 5th Triennial Congress held from 3-6 May in Brentwood Apartelle, Baguio City. The Congress’s theme was “TOPPS: United for Quality Education for a Better Public Education”.

Highlights of the event included a women’s caucus, a youth caucus, the presentation of the Department of Education’s K+12 programme, break-out sessions, and the drafting of resolutions.

Local and international unions also extended support for the event through solidarity messages. Among them were EI Asia Pacific Chief Regional Coordinator Shashi Bala Singh; the President of the Swedish teachers’ union, Lärarförbundet, Eva Lis Siren; former Senator and President of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines Ernesto Herrera; Joseph V. Jovellanos, President of the National Alliance of Teachers and Office Workers, affiliated to EI; and Jomel B. General, President of the Federation of Free Workers–Trade Federation VIII, also affiliated to EI.

The proceedings ran smoothly, the use of parliamentary procedure facilitating every step of the event.

There was a high level of participation among delegates, who were given opportunity to speak, ask questions, and contribute with ideas in all sessions.

The proposed 12 resolutions pertaining to TOPPS union dues and their allocation, as well as issues and concerns in both basic and higher education, were also deliberated actively before being approved.

Cooperative success

Participants also elected new members to the TOPPS National Executive Board.

“The outgoing and incoming members of the National Executive Board were overwhelmed by the success of the congress,” Singh noted. “They were truly grateful to participants and other unions for their cooperation, especially to Lärarförbundet for assisting in the funding of this event through EI. Truly, the success was a by-product of the unity and solidarity of members, unions and partner organisations.”