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Education International

EI launches world-wide photo action

published 18 July 2014 updated 30 July 2014

What does quality education actually look like? Education International is launching its first world-wide photo action, as part of the Unite for Quality Education campaign. Its aim is to capture the variety of teaching and learning conditions that can be found in different countries and regions.

In the run-up to the culmination events of the Unite for Quality Education Campaign that are going to take place in September, EI wants to highlight the importance of quality education all over the world through pictures taken by educators and members of the learning communities. The photo action should help portray the diverse situations in which teaching and learning take place in different countries and regions.

The pictures should either reflect the importance of teachers, of learning environments or of teaching tools – the three pillars of quality education as defined by EI.

EI will select the photographs that best depict the elements described above and will organise an exhibition in its headquarters in Brussels on World Teachers’ Day on October 5th. Some of the pictures will also be part of a photo book that will be handed to UN general secretary Ban Ki-Moon. The photo action will finish with a raffle in which three lucky participants will win an iPad mini.

Participate here in 3 easy steps. https://basicfront.easypromosapp.com/p/160119