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Mongolia: Union push toward quality education

published 4 August 2014 updated 6 August 2014

EI’s Asia-Pacific regional office organised a successful workshop within the framework of the Unite for Quality Education (Unite) campaign in Ulaanbaatar from 23-25 July. The workshop was attended by representatives of seven districts and the Executive Committee of EI’s national affiliate, the Federation of Mongolian Education and Science Unions (FMESU).

At the workshop, the theme of the Unite campaign was outlined, with the three pillars - quality teachers, quality teaching and learning environments, and quality tools - explained. This then informed group work on the topic, “Three pillars of quality education – Where does Mongolia stand?” Feedback from the groups was later summarised to highlight existing needs and areas for improving quality education in Mongolia.

FMESU also highlighted campaigns it has undertaken to promote quality education for all in the country. Group work and presentations were also held on “How we can improve our campaign and get support from all stakeholders”.

Later, all attendees participated in EI’s Education for All assessment survey, and discussed the need to have partnerships in education. They also prepared an action plan for the Unite Campaign, as well as a “Big Action Day” in their respective geographical areas.

Increasing efforts on Unite pillars

“The participants were very excited to discuss issues in education in Mongolia,” said EI Asia-Pacific Coordinator Jerome Fernandez. “They acknowledged that there is a long way to go to achieve quality education in the country. They promised to implement the Action Plan in their respective districts and also at national level.”

He added that this workshop was a true eye opener for the participants and FMESU in understanding the deficits in Mongolian education. This was demonstrated by participants’ long list of problems relating to the Unite campaign’s three pillars.

Raising awareness

Overall, the workshop met its aims which were to:

•             Discuss and devise strategies to effectively achieve free access to quality education

•             Discuss ways and means to improve and accelerate national campaigns for quality education for all

•             Develop strategies to get wider support for the Unite campaign at national level in 2014

•             Raise awareness on partnerships in education

•             Develop strategies to ensure that education remains a priority development goal beyond 2015

•             Plan activities under the Unite campaign for 2014, especially for a culmination event in September and World Teachers’ Day, 5 October, in Mongolia