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India: Teachers to be tapped for expert advice on quality education

published 11 September 2014 updated 12 September 2014

Looking to teachers’ experiences to address issues in education is an approach seldom used in policy circles, but unions in India are looking to buck the trend in order to achieve quality education.

As a warm up to the big event next week, Education International’s (EI) Unite for Quality Education Campaign was front and centre in New Delhi, India last week as a diverse group of educators, unions, the ILO, government officials and civil society members, such as UNESCO, gathered to tackle current challenges.

Three EI member organisations, the AIFTO, AIPTF and AISTF led the Joint Forum, “Unite for Quality Education: better education for a better world,” of stakeholders focused on how to collectively work to achieve quality education.

The group has set its sights on enhancing awareness among all stakeholders of the importance of quality education and the goal of ensuring quality education for all. Instead of working in isolation, the three unions are dedicated to pooling skills, knowledge and resources.

The stakeholders developed a clear plan of action to take the Unite Campaign further, including specific recommendations and suggestions:

·         The term quality education must be clearly defined

·         Pressurising the government for proper implementation of Right to Free and             Compulsory Education Act, 2009

·         To modify and revise the curricula for teachers’ training colleges

·         There should be close cooperation between schools and teachers’ training                 colleges

·         More and more teacher-oriented research studies should be taken up to                     improve the quality of education

·         There should be a Teacher Education Framework on the similar pattern of                 National Curriculum Framework for students

·         Teachers union should shift their focus and work for professionalism among the teachers

On 19th September, the Unite for Quality Education Campaign will stage its second culmination event in New Delhi. To follow the event, visit the EI homepage for the latest updates on the global Unite tour as it travels to New York City.