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Haiti: Education unions rally for quality education

published 18 September 2014 updated 25 September 2014

On 19 September, education unions in Haiti participated in a national teachers’ rally for quality education. This is a move in support of Education International’s (EI) global campaign for quality education.

“This is a global campaign, supported by many organisations, including UNESCO,” said René Prévil Joseph, President of the Fédération nationale des travailleurs en éducation et en culture(FENATEC) affiliated to EI. “It began in New York and Paris and has spread to many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It reaches Haiti on 19 September.”

Lourdes Edith Delouis Joseph, General Secretary of the Confédération nationale des éducateurs d’Haïti(CNEH), another EI affiliate in the country, wants to highlight a specific problem that is holding pupils back: “failing” a year,  also referred to as “must repeat”,  “returned to their parents” or “sent elsewhere”.

“This is happening while enormous sums of money are being spent,” she noted, stressing that only quality education will ensure that every child has the same opportunity to access fundamental knowledge. “The [education unions’] platform is determined to overcome these obstacles.”

World Teachers’ Day

EI welcomes the unity shown by its Haitian affiliates and their support for quality education. “If a country is to achieve sustainable, fair and peaceful development, it must invest in quality education,” said EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen.

Quality education will also be a focus point during World Teachers’ Day, 5 October, when teachers around the globe will be celebrated in classrooms, villages, and cities for their tireless dedication to the profession.

To make October 5 a day to remember, EI is calling on all members and colleagues to take part by having their voices heard to ensure world leaders know how important a quality teacher is in helping students reach their full potential.

Beginning at 12:00 noon, EI is asking everyone to ‘Push the Button’ by emailing, texting, or tweeting your messages of support for quality education directly to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Click here for more information.