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Positioning School Leadership in the Agenda for School Reforms

published 17 October 2014 updated 17 October 2014

Members of the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL) network met in Nice on 25 -26 September 2014 to discuss the implementation of priorities for the development of school leadership to validate reflection tools for school leadership policy design and to share good practices.

The meeting gathered teacher trade unions, experts on school leadership, ministries’ representatives, employers’ organisations, school principals and head teachers as well as teacher educators.

Network coordinator, Kathy Kikis-Papadakis, highlighted in her introductory remarks how EPNoSL and peer learning activities have enhanced collaboration between target groups and policy makers. The aim of EPNoSL is to provide a better educational experience for young people and to improve the working environment of teachers. Teaching is central to improve school outcomes and performances, and school leaders play a key role in driving the change.

The event stimulated knowledge exchange between participants and was directed at enhancing school leadership for equity and learning. Touching upon the concept of distributed school leadership onseveral occasions, the participants recognised that teachers’ professional development is essential for the improvement of the school environment, together with professional development programmes for school leaders, inclusive leadership and student engagement.

To know more, read ETUCE Policy Paper on School Leadership and visit the EPNoSL website.