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Successful Round Table Meeting in Vilnius

published 17 October 2014 updated 17 October 2014

On 1 October 2014 the ETUCE held the 4th Round Table Meeting in Vilnius to promote social dialogue in the education sector. The meeting was conducted at a very opportune and important time as the trade unions and the Ministry of Education and Science are currently in comprehensive negotiations about reforms of the education financing model, the employment structure and teachers’ salaries.

The meeting was attended by the Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science, external experts on social dialogue in the Baltic Region, and representatives from the Lithuanian social partners. Lithuania has suffered from severe austerity measures in recent years which have had serious consequences for the teaching profession and affected all aspects of education. The Round Table was a great success in that it not only highlighted the problems of the present condition but also set out a way forward for education and teachers in Lithuania. It was noted from both the employers and the trade unions that dialogue is essential and that the trade unions must stand together with a strong and coherent voice. The following Round Table meeting takes place in Podgorica on 17 October 2014.