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Dominica: Trade union solidarity brings calm after storm

published 18 January 2017 updated 2 February 2017

In its latest podcast, Education International interviews Celia Nicholas, the leader of the Dominica Association of Teachers, on life after hurricane Erika and how teacher solidarity, at home and abroad, is helping them rebuild.

Celia Nicholas is the President of the Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT), one of Education International’s (EI) member organisations in the Caribbean Region. Her country was hit by hurricane Erika in the late summer of 2015, leaving a death toll of more than 20 people and several hundred families without roofs over their heads. Hundreds of students lost their schools, and reconstruction is still underway.

In an interview with EI’s communications team, Ms. Nicholas describes how her union organised to face the consequences of Erika, and the crucial support of colleagues from all over the world through EI’s development cooperation and solidarity programme that was set up immediately after the disaster.

Education International engages in solidarity programmes with many of its affiliates, based on a strong network of teachers and educators. Its aim is not only to provide relief in emergency situations but to develop the capacities of its member organisations and increase their autonomy and relevance as political and social actors within their national and regional contexts. To learn more about EI’s development and solidarity programmes, click here.

The latest EI Development Cooperation Network meeting is taking place in Brussels from 17-19 of January with the participation of over 60 delegates from 20 countries.

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