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Special ComNet on implementing the campaign Mobilizing for Quality Education campaign

published 10 June 2013 updated 14 June 2013

ComNet is the EI network of representatives of member organisations who deal with media and communications. In an effort to mobilise its member organizations and the international community, the EI Executive Board decided at its meeting in March to focus EI activities between now and World Teachers’ Day in October 2014, on highlighting the need to achieve the highest quality of education for all, which is attainable in each country. This mobilisation is intended to involve all EI affiliates, and organisations with similar aims, together in a concerted effort to highlight the importance to the future of society of ensuring that everyone has access to high quality education. Communications will play a critical role in implementing this strategy.

Communicators from member organisations from all continents, together with EI staff and management, will have the opportunity to share they experience and current activities as well as help developing the appropriate tools for a successful MQE campaign.

List of documents, presentations and other media:

  1. Agenda
  2. List of participants(temp)
  3. Charlie Lennon (EI): Introduction to the ComNet meeting and presentation of the MQE(pptx)
  4. David Edwards (EI): MQE context(pptx)
  5. Mireille de Koning (EI): Linking global education reforms to what’s happening in education systems nationally(pptx)
  6. Jefferson Berriel Pessi (EI): Moby Dick (World Bank)(Prezi)
  7. Dennis Sinyolo (EI): MQE and the post 2015 agenda(ppt)
  8. Philippe Weiss (ZN): the online landscape of Quality Education(pptx)
  9. Pierrette Pape (European Women Lobby): Flashmob 2013(ppt)
  10. madeleine kennedy macfoy (EI): Malala Day(pptx)
  11. Henrik Westerman (Lärarförbundet, Sweden): It all starts with a good teacher(ppt)
  12. Lärarförbundet: It all starts with a good teacher(youtube)
  13. (Nasuwt; UK): Gove vs Reality(online video)
  14. Francine Fillon (CTF-FCE, Canada): UNCSW union media work + campaign (ppt)
  15. Luis Lobo (Fenprof, Portugal): Current mobilisation and public campainging(ppt)
  16. Fenprof: posters and material from current campaign(PDF)
  17. Cuqi Vera (FECCOO, Spain): Local strategies in a global context(prezi)
  18. Daisy Zambuko (ZIMTA, Zimbabwe): Zimta channels of communication(ppt)
  19. Gabriela Bonilla (EIAL): The pedagogic movement en Latin America(pptx)
  20. Alejo Demichelis (CTERA, Argentina): Press, culture and communication(ppt)
  21. Sarah Jane Sarmiento Raymundo (ACT, Philippines): Media Campaign Strategies(pptx)
  22. Francesca Ricci (Uil Scuola, Italy): Current campaign and global solidarity among unions(pptx)
  23. Paul Taillefer (CTF president, Canada) message to Uil Scuola members(youtube)
  24. Jenny Bøving Arendt (DLF, Denmark): Last month mobilisation in Denmark

Photos on EI Flickr(F. Destree and A. Demichelis)