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Fourth International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2014 (ISTP)

published 26 August 2013 updated 3 August 2015

The fourth International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2014 (ISTP) will be held in Wellington on 28 and 29 March 2014. The Summit is jointly organised by our Ministry of Education, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and Education International.

The theme for the Summit is “Excellence, Equity and Inclusiveness – High quality teaching for all”. The main sessions will be roundtable discussions. There will also be ample opportunity for informal contact.

The informal and conversational setting is intended to encourage candid and extensive discussion on key questions and developments on teacher policy in delegates’ countries.

The three questions that this Summit will focus on are:

  • How can high quality teachers and leaders be attracted into and retained in schools of the greatest need?
  • What are the system levers for achieving equity in increasingly devolved systems?
  • How are learning environments created that meet the needs of all children and young people?

For more information on the fourth International Summit on the Teaching Profession, please visit the official website (only in English) at: http://www.istp2014.org/