Unite for Quality Education

published 2 April 2013 updated 22 November 2013

Unite for Quality Education - better education for a better world


Unite for Quality Education- Better education for a better world” is our campaign to ensure that universal, free quality education remains at the top of the political agenda for a sustainable future.

The purpose is to call on inter-governmental agencies, governments and public education authorities everywhere to put in place the three essential elements of a quality education:

  • universal and free access to quality teachers,
  • modern teaching tools and resources and
  • supportive, safe and secure environments for teaching and learning.

On the 4th of October, we are launching a year of action, an initiative for quality education around the world that will culminate on a World Day of Action in October 2014.

We invite everybody who cares about the education of our children to join forces with us in our call for a ‘Better Education for a Better World’.

Visit the campaign hub, www.unite4education.org, for more information on Unite for Quality Education!