Resolution on the Development of Higher Education

published 22 July 1995 updated 14 May 2024

The Education International First World Congress meeting in Harare (Zimbabwe)from 19 to 23 July 1995:

1. Considering the complexity of the challenges with which higher education is confronted on the eve of the 21st century;

2. Considering the vital role which higher education plays in the scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural life of a country.

The Congress demands:

3. That access and participation in higher education is extended to all who wish to participate on the basis of ability and in conditions of equality of opportunity;

4. That academic freedom be strengthened and respected, along with the autonomy of institutions. These being essential for the development and effective functioning of institutions of higher education;

5. That the status of higher education teaching personnel is strengthened and protected by means of an international normative instrument, preferably involving both UNESCO and ILO in its development and implementation as is the case with other teachers; 6. That cooperation between teachers and institutions in different countries be encouraged as this is indispensable element in effective higher education;

7. That the vital role of research and scholarship in higher education be recognised and the adequate funding for its expansion be provided;

8. That teacher education is an essential foundation for all sectors of education, and that it should be based in higher education institutions, who should work in close cooperation with the schools. The Congress declares:

9. That Education International is strongly placed to speak on behalf of higher education teachers and research workers within the context of the whole teaching profession.

Role of Education International

EI should:

10. Take all necessary steps to achieve these aims and, in particular, to protect the status, living standards and security of teachers and research workers and promote the growth of effective higher education throughout the world.