Resolution on Violence, Education and the Peace Process in Sri Lanka

published 28 July 2001 updated 31 March 2017

The Third World Congress of Education International, meeting in Jomtien, Thailand, from 25 to 29 July, 2001:

1. Noting that the international airport of Sri Lanka was been on fire on 24th July 2001, having being attacked by rebels with knowledge and skills;

2. Further noting that Sri Lanka has a literacy record of about 92% but recalling that education for all cannot be achieved successfully without wisdom and peace, i.e. what is happening to Sri Lanka today may happen to any other country;

3. Requests the Sri Lankan government to expedite the peace process mediated by Norway with the support of the International community especially by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and India to find out a political solution to the ethnic issue in Sri Lanka;

4. Requests EI to pay more attention to the subject of loving kindness to inject mindfulness and wisdom to the future humanity to live in peace and prosperity.