Education communicators come together in The Netherlands

published 2 May 2017 updated 15 May 2017

Held on the eve of the Unite for Quality Education and Leadership Conference in Rotterdam, communication leaders from EI affiliates gathered to exchange ideas and share updates on campaigns and initiatives underway around the world.

The 40 communication experts from Education International (EI)’s affiliates who were on hand for the annual Communicators Network meeting had the chance to put faces to names and dig below the surface of the latest projects being developed by both EI and their global colleagues.

From EI’s latest work on the Sustainable Development Goals, social dialogue and quality terms of employment, to learning how to produce podcasts, the agenda helped prepare everyone for the conference, which is set to host 300 delegates. Learn more about Unite Rotterdam here.

TEN Global

Still in the pilot phase, the TEN Global teacher network was introduced to ComNet members, giving them the opportunity to learn how the project is being built and organized with affiliates.

We the Educators

Francine Filion from the Canadian Teachers’ Federation was on hand to provide a sneak preview of a new project set to be launched during the conference.

A joint initiative of EI and CTF, ‘We the Educators’ explores the impact of educational technology and the personalization, standardization, and datafication of public education. The project looks to empower the teaching profession and kickstart a conversation among teachers, parents and students.

Also, as a unique feature of this year’s ComNet, participants will integrate with the first day of the Unite Conference to boost the event’s exposure.