EI calls for unity and solidarity in the wake of terrorism attacks

published 6 June 2017 updated 11 June 2018

After the recent wave of terrorist attacks around the world, Education International (EI) is taking a stand against extremism and in favour of unity and solidarity amongst its members.

The global education union has expressed its shock after the wave of attacks that hit London, Manchester, Baghdad, and Kabul in recent past. In an official statement, EI has condemned “these violent and barbaric acts of extremism used against innocent people, including many children”.

The statement is an expression of solidarity with the victims, their families and friends, and especially with “colleagues in the UK, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in those other countries which have recently been targets of terrorism”.

Teachers work against extremism

The statement highlights the key role of teachers and educators in the fight against extremism, violence, and oppression. Teachers strive to “deliver a quality education which will enable to build a world that values life and peaceful coexistence. Inculcating humane and democratic values in new generations is the best defence against religious and other forms of ideological extremism,” it says.

And it concludes that if education is more important than ever, so are solidarity and mutual support to build a “future society where tolerance, harmony and respect between people with different cultural and religious views and values will be the norm”.