Africa’s education union leaders go to school to sharpen their understanding of gender issues

published 16 October 2017 updated 17 October 2017

The Africa Women in Education Network’s Trainers of Trainers Programme is bringing new skills and tools to education union activists and women mobilisers.

Fifteen gender desk officers and union political gender representatives from across Africa gathered under the Africa Women in Education Network (AWEN) Trainers of Trainers Programme in Accra, Ghana, from 9-12 October.

“The AWEN is renewing its cadre of trainers to develop union leadership capacity to be more responsive to gender issues and to minimise discrimination on the basis of gender,” explained Education International’s Lucy Barimbuyi, who facilitated the workshop.

Participants learned, among other things, to encourage women’s leadership; to prepare, lead and evaluate a training session; and to use ICT in training.