COP23: promoting climate change education for a fair economic transition

published 17 November 2017 updated 21 November 2017

Education International reiterated the importance of emphasising climate change education in order to achieve a fair transition towards carbon-free economies during the 23rd United Nations climate change conference.

“Climate change education should be a priority at this global conference on the climate”, said Dennis Sinyolo, Education International (EI) representative at the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climate Change (COP23), held in Bonn from 6 to 17 November.

He spoke on the occasion of an activity co-organised by the International Trade Union Confederation and Greenpeace aimed at fostering a dialogue between the organisations working towards achieving a fair transition towards carbon-free economies.

Promoting values of humanism and respect for our planet is the key role of education

According to Sinyolo, the key role of education involves promoting values of humanism and respect for our planet, a role which can only be fulfilled if teachers and other education professionals receive the necessary training and support.

“The urgent and fair transition to which we all aspire requires a major change involving unprecedented mobilisation of future generations, such as the young people currently in school,” he concluded.