#WhosAccountable: a new campaign that calls on young people to speak up for quality education

published 8 December 2017 updated 13 December 2017

The new Youth Report on Accountability demonstrates the power of young people to hold governments to account for quality, equitable education.

The youth version of the 2017/8 UNESCO Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on accountability has been released today Friday 8 December. It contains a call to action in the form of a global campaign, with the hashtag #WhosAccountable, to support the enforcement of the right to education ahead of Human Rights Day, which is being celebrated on December 10.

The campaign, which has received endorsements from over 15 national and international education partners, calls on young people to come together, exercise their collective voice, and call on governments to make sure the right to education is enforced. The platform aims to strengthen a network of informed youth advocates active in local, national and international education spaces.

A digital launch will take place at 4PM GMT on December 12. It will bring together Dr Koumbou Boly Barry, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, GEM Youth Adviser Salam Al-Nukta from Syria and prominent youth ambassadors and activists. They will share their first-hand experience of campaigning on the right to education.

You can find the youth version of the report on the GEM website.