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Re-thinking Disability

published 1 December 2017 updated 11 December 2017

EI’s forthcoming publication Re-thinking Disability, to be released in March 2018, will provide educators with new ways to engage with disability. It helps all involved in teaching, educating and those who support learning to understand disability as a social and societal challenge as opposed to a medical or individual problem.

EI released the survey on Children and youth with (dis)abilities for all affiliates in the Summer of 2017, and after 150 days in the field, it has received over 32 responses to date.

The survey aimed to gather a comprehensive overview of some of the challenges that educators face in their efforts to provide a quality, inclusive education environment in schools around the world. In addition to the challenges experienced in learning environments, the survey has also gathered data on teacher training and working conditions, inclusive education policy, and positive accessibility accommodation outcomes.

Among the more actions-based questions, respondents were asked to name some of the key challenges still remaining in their countries towards achieving a social model of inclusivity within their education and learning environments; and furthermore, what type of support still needs to be provided to achieve this objective.

The publication will include both a quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and ultimately conclude with some of the trends and recommendations for more successful, practical approaches towards making classrooms and schools more accessible for those with disabilities.

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