Lebanon: Unions highlight importance of Quality Education for All via development cooperation

published 15 March 2018 updated 3 April 2018

Norwegian colleagues have collaborated with Education International’s Lebanese affiliates to build capacity around union strength and Quality Education for All.

Education International affiliates in Lebanon, the Ligue des Professeurs de l'Enseignement Secondaire Public du Liban(LPESPL), the Public Primary Schools Teachers League in Lebanon (PPSTLL), and the Teachers Syndicate of Lebanon (TSL), working with Education International (EI) Arab Countries Cross Regional Structure (ACCRS) office, and the Union of Education Norway (UEN), are working together on development cooperation. They are focusing on inclusive Quality Education for All and the strengthening of teacher unions in Lebanon.

The fight for Quality Education For All is not confined to national borders, said EI’s Huda Khoury. “With development cooperation, EI is helping unions to work together to achieve joint EI goals and resolutions and capture the essence of unionism: ‘Stronger together’.”

At a meeting held  3-4 March, representatives of the unions involved in the three-year project (2017-2019) finalised the planning and the materials for membership training on Quality Education for All, including refugees, as well as legal frameworks for teachers, and union competencies.

Practical training sessions were also undertaken, and a training manual and publications should be finalised by mid-2018. The implementation phase will begin in late-2018.